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On Thursday 21st of February 2013, the senior pupils of Rahara N.S., Principal, Mrs Costello and SNA, Rory Silke went on their school tour to the artificial ski slope in Kilternan Co. Dublin. The Ski Club of Ireland is located in the Dublin Moutains.


The class decided to go because they wanted to learn how to ski and we also learned some information about the ski school on News2day in connection with the Irish Special Winter Olympics in January. We set off at 9.30am from our school. On the way to the ski school, I sat beside my friends, on the bus. We played games and had a chat. We also had a snack on the bus. We arrived at approximately 11.30 am.


Firstly we hopped off the bus and walked up a hill, it was quite steep. We entered the cabin and met our instructors, Len, Hugh and John. They were three jolly men. The men gave everybody a green card where we had to fill in our height and weight. Rory, our SNA measured everybody’s height. This helped our instructors get our ski boots and ski’s. Secondly we went onto the nursery slope. Len told us how to walk up the middle slope. Len said, “You have to dig the sides of your ski’s into the ground and step up the slope”. When we got to the top of the slope we skied down. It was so much fun!


After skiing we went into the cabin to have our lunch. There was a vending machine on site, most people got something from the vending machine. Next 5th and 6th class had to carry out rubber tubes and guess what, we were going tubing! 5th and 6th got to go first. We slid down the slope. “Pick a partner”, suggested teacher. My partner was Ali. When I reached the bottom of the slope, Ali took the rubber doughnut shaped tube. We reached the top of the slope by a travelator. A travelator is like a conveyor belt.


It was so much fun but unfortunately we had to leave. We departed at 3.00pm and arrived back in Rahara at 5.00pm. Everybody was so tired, including the staff! It was a brilliant school tour and I will definitely be going skiing again.


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