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Newsletter November 2014

Science Week

Science week took place from 10th -14th November. The senior pupils attended a Science Magic Show in the Convent of Mercy, Roscommon. Pupils participated in various experiments including piercing a balloon with a skewer, flame test, foam snake and cloud in a bottle. The pupils had a most enjoyable experience.

Back in Rahara NS all classes participated in hands-on science experiments for Science Week.

Senior pupils made soil soup, concrete blocks and investigated warm air. The junior pupils investigated how plants drink. They investigated sounds and cleaned dirty water.


Public Health Nurse

Our Public Health Nurse visited our school on Monday 10th November and carried out check up’s on junior infants and 6th class pupils.

Blue Star Award

The pupils are participating in the Blue Star Awards. As part of this EU initiative the pupils are learning about the EU, its parliament and the life of EU MEP’s. We have invited Luke Ming Flanagan (MEP) to our school on Friday 12th December. The pupils will interview Mr. Flanagan and learn more about the day to day life of an MEP.


Numeracy - SSE

We would like to express our thanks to all the parents who are collaborating with their children for the weekly problem solving tasks. We understand that this is sometimes an onerous task but are delighted with these Numeracy home-school links that have been established. Please continue to discuss the problems using our strategy RUDE (Read, underline, draw & estimate) Take time to listen to your child as they try out their ideas, without directing them to a particular strategy. Correct answers are important however developing a capacity to use a correct problem solving process needs to be the higher priority. As in secondary school, teachers award marks for rough work and effort.


Green Flag

 A SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) primary schools workshop will take place on Friday 12th December in our school. This workshop will help pupils have a better awareness of energy and climate change. Pupils will participate in various experiments and an “energy game”.

Pupils are learning about the theme of “Global –litter and Waste”. All pupils will learn about the life cycle of a “plastic bottle” and the problems of plastic litter in the worlds oceans.

In conjunction with this, the pupils will participate in a Skype call to oceanographer, Dr. Leighton Rolley, who is currently based onboard the “Falkor” ship in the Pacific ocean. Dr. Rolley will discuss the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” and take questions from our pupils! This is a fantastic opportunity for our cohort of pupils to have live links with the Pacific ocean.

For more information about the ship check out


Swimming lessons are on Wednesdays until Christmas. Soccer will resume in January. Gaelic training will resume in March. Hurling will continue every Tuesday.

Cake sale for Alzheimer’s

A cake sale for the Alzheimer’s association will be held in Rahara NS on Sunday 7th December after 10am mass.


WW1 History Field Trip

The senior pupils will participate in a History Field Trip on Friday 28th November to Cavan County Museum. This visit promises to be an interactive and hands-on history experience for the pupils. Pupils will visit a “trench” and see and touch WW1 artefacts. The BOM will cover the cost of the bus. Pupils are to pay the €2 cover charge. There is a shop in the museum and I would appeal to parents to give a maximum of €3 spending money (€5 in total).

Pupils must wear their school uniforms and bring a packed lunch. Mobile phones are not permitted. Hand held devices may be brought, but each child is responsible for their own devices. Teachers will not take responsibility for any electronic devices.



Library Van

The Library van will continue to visit our school every month. Our next visit is scheduled for Tuesday 9th December.



Parent/Teacher communication

Parent Teacher meetings will take place during week 1st -5th December. Please contact the teacher if your time/date does not suit.



We are collecting Christmas materials/decorations for Santa’s grotto/workshop in the junior room.



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